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It's easier than ever to get your work noticed. It's harder than ever to actually do the work.

Ten years ago, on my first day as an independent creator, I opened my eyes to vastness. I had an entire day ahead of me. I finally had the opportunity to create. It was as frightening as it was inspiring.

Over the years, I've learned about the forces that keep you from making your art: Procrastination, self-doubt, and burn-out.

The great painter, Chuck Close, was right when he said "Inspiration is for amateurs. The rest of us just show up and get to work." But, that was thirty years ago. We know now more than ever about human behavior, and how creative insights happen.

"The Muse" won't save you. Only you are in control of your artistic destiny.

I've developed a system to overcome those forces. It's hard-learned from years as an independent designer, a writer, and a podcaster. It's backed by the latest research in psychology and neuroscience.

I collaborated with the great behavioral scientist, Dan Ariely, to bring this philosophy to features in Google Calendar. I moved to South America to test this system. I quadrupled my creative productivity in the first year, while greatly improving the quality.

In Getting Art Done, I'll share this system. You'll learn how great creators throughout time, from Michelangelo, to Maya Angelou, used these principles to break down resistance, and make their masterpieces.

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David Kadavy