Getting Art Done will fuel your creativity & boost your motivation, so you can bring your work into the world.

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Author, Design for Hackers (#18 on Amazon)
Host, Love Your Work podcast

You have a unique opportunity. It's easier than ever to get your work noticed.

But, you have a unique challenge. It's harder than ever to do the work.

Distractions are all around, tempting you to consume more information, to second-guess yourself, to procrastinate with another Netflix binge.

The Resistance will fool you. It will trick you into abandoning projects. It will amplify the voices of the imaginary critics in your head. It will scare you into playing it safe.

There is art inside you. There is something you've got that nobody else has – a unique set of experiences, a point-of-view, even past wounds that must be healed.

The only way to become your real Self is to share your art with the world. But to do so, you have to overcome The Resistance.

Getting Art Done will bring you a practical framework for busting through fear and self-doubt and crippling perfectionism, so you can finally make your art real.

If you have creative fantasies unfulfilled, if you have half-finished projects piled up in your closet or on your hard drive, Getting Art Done is for you.

My name is David Kadavy, and I believe we all have art inside of us. Furthermore, I believe that now is a time unlike any other for us all to create our art. I'm not talking about paintings, or even novels necessarily. I'm talking about any creative endeavor in which you have to fight fear to bring your work into the world.

It could be as simple as cooking dinner, or thinking about your goals. It could be as grand as a feature film, or world-changing startup, or – yes, a novel. It could be creating a marketing plan so bold it makes your knees knock together when you think about executing it.

I've been working on this book for 7 years. It all started when I got my first book deal, to write Design for Hackers. I was banging my head against a wall 12 hours a day, just to get that 15 minutes of flow. I did all of my productive writing in these short bursts.

When the smoke cleared on my writing process, I wanted to get to the bottom of how I could make those creative breakthroughs happen on command – and predictably. How I could really deliver like a pro.

Over the years, I developed a personal philosophy of creative productivity. I worked with the behavioral scientist and Predictably Irrational author Dan Ariely to add productivity features to Google Calendar.

Now, with Getting Art Done, I'm going to share with you a framework for facing the blank canvas and bringing your work into the world. You'll learn why you procrastinate, why you doubt yourself, or why you can't finish your projects. You'll get actionable advice to build creative habits, sharpen your skills, and finally get art done.

Every morning, I'll write a new chapter of the book, and deliver it to your inbox. I'll be using some of the same tactics I recommend in the book to actually write it. It's scary for me as a writer, but that's the point.

I hope you'll take this opportunity to check out my book, discover the art inside you, and bring it into the world.


David Kadavy

30 Chapters in 30 days

Each chapter will light a fire inside you, and make you see your time, your energy, and your motivation in a new way, so you can finally bring your art into the world.

There is Art Inside You (Preview »)
Art is Self-Actualization (Preview »)
Your Ego Fears Your Art (Preview »)
Carve the Canyon

Curiosity First
The Voice
Go for “The Pump”
That Which Pulls You Through

The Fortress Fallacy
Inflating the Investment
The Linear Work Distortion
Permission to Suck
Motivational Judo
Build the Habit First

Work With the Ebbs & Flows
Make Prioritization a Priority
Ride Your Creative Wave
Explore for Raw Material
Delay the Details
Rest is Work
Keep the Lights On
Deflect Distractions
Temper Technology
Weekly, not Daily

Success Favors Those Who Ship
Shipping is a Skill
The “Vision Muscle”
The Dual Strategy
The Powerful Power of Repetition
Crack the Whip